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Decide Better! for a Better Life

by Michael E. McGrath


Business Decisions!:

How to be More Decisive in Today's Economy

by Michael E. McGrath


Decide Better! for College

by Michael E. McGrath and Christopher K. McGrath

From big decisions about relationships, education and careers to small everyday decisions, Decide Better! For a Better Life is a motivational book developed to help anyone improve their decision-making skills in all aspects of their life.


In Business Decisions!: How to be More Decisive in Today's Economy, Michael E. McGrath provides a timely solution to improving your decision making. It is a singularly comprehensive guide to the skills, practices and insights needed for making great business decisions. It also presents business case studies and the most important techniques executives and managers can use to improve decisions in today's economy.   Take the risk out of choosing a college, learn the secrets of being accepted, and make the best decisions before and during your college years with Decide Better! For College, a comprehensive decision-making resource for students and parents.

"I am an essential study skills teacher at the high school level. I've used a few of your lessons in the classroom in a unit on improving decision-making. Our kids are underperforming, primarily due to the decisions they make. We used information gleaned from to get these students to think about how many decisions they make daily and the consequences of those decisions. Thank you for your help!"

Ladanna Feldhake, ESS Instructor, O'Fallon Township High School

"I read Decide Better! and found it to be wonderful. Everyone needs this kind of counseling at one time or another. Keep up the good work."

       – Sudarma Kekulawela

"I've learned a lot of new lessons from Business Decisions!, and I'm sure everyone else will too."

Indra K. Nooyi, Chairman and CEO, PepsiCo

"Making smart decisions is an essential business skill.  Michael McGrath’s Business Decisions! is a well-written, creative, and practical guide that should be helpful for executives at every level."

Robert Crandall, former CEO and Chairman, American Airlines

"A great guide for managers and teams in making the most challenging and important business decisions facing them in today’s new economy.  Never has such advice and experience been more relevant and necessary than now.  Business Decisions!  is a “must have” on the bookshelf and in the briefcase of every executive."                 

James H. Wall, Global Managing Director, Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu

"This is the ultimate guide to being accepted and getting the most out of college."

– John J. Neuhauser, President, Saint Michael's College

"Excellent overview of the entire process and a great read for any involved parent."

Chris Servant, President, Bishop Feehan High School

"Decision-making gold! Run, don't walk to the nearest bookstore. If you have a student going to college or in college, buy this book for them immediately. ... Excellent not just for precollege kids, but for college kids and recent graduates as well. ... I've sent a copy to every kid in our family and urged them to read the last chapter.  ... At a minimum they will have an overview of an excellent way to approach major life decisions."

 – Clifton K. Chang, Parent of three MIT students

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